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free educational software DVD

100% Genuine Feedback

We are a homeschool family and we have been using your site for nearly 10 months now...we think you're great! Keep up the fantastic work you do!
Warmest Regards
Sarah, New Zealand

Just a quick note of appreciation. I'm using your software for a student I teach who has many learning difficulties, but he is thrilled (and motivated) to be working with your educational games. Please continue the excellent work, and best of luck going forward.
Ed, Canada.

I have been using your educational games for years now and am really glad for a chance to say how FAB they are. They are better than any other I've found for educational purposes and a fraction of the price. All the kids who have used them at my school LOVE them and I think you are a very very clever man!!
Trisha , UK

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Grey Olltwit Educational Games on DVD

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Whilst my educational programs have been made for specific subjects, there is an educational purpose behind all of my games below. I made them to help with improving skills such as hand to eye co-ordination, memory, estimating angles, learning to use the mouse etc., etc.

Educational & Recreational Games

For the latest educational games visit Grey Olltwit's new dedicated site

GO Snake game GO Snake - Gobble up flies, spiders, cockroaches and frogs. Avoid walls and ponds!

Drive Thru 101 Drive Thru 101 - Find your way through the Drive Thru maze, pick up your burger and head for the exit.

Escape From Cheops Escape From Cheops - You are trapped in The Great Pyramid at Giza. Solve all the Egyptian puzzles to escape

Solo Noble Solo Noble - Ancient 36 marble solitaire game. Also called Peg Solitaire and Brainvita

15 Square Slider Puzzle 15 Square Slider Puzzle - Classic slider puzzle game of fifteen square tiles in a four by four box

8 Square Slider Puzzle 8 Square Slider Puzzle - Classic slider puzzle game of eight square tiles in a three by three box

Checkers/Draughts Checkers/Draughts - Traditional board game where cunning strategy is required to beat your opponent.

Crazy Golf II Crazy Golf II - Fun seaside golf game against the computer

Mini Golf II Mini Golf II - A 9 hole Mini Golf game against a computer player

Keno Keno - A very simple lottery type game

Pirate Pinball Pirate Pinball - Fast action pinball game

Backgammon Backgammon - With moveable counters, rolling dice and scoring facility

One Arm Bandit One Arm Bandit - Slot machine casino game with a difference

Air Hockey Air Hockey - Fast action air hockey game

Bowling Bowling - Ten Pin bowling game

GO Karts GO Karts - Go Kart racing game

Tom & Jerry Tom & Jerry - Try to catch Jerry

Crazy Golf Crazy Golf - A fun beach holiday style 9 hole golf game

Rally Cross Rally Cross - Race against the clock around your own circuit

Darts Darts - Good old fashioned darts game

Demolition Dumpout Demolition Dumpout - Demolition Derby car game

Steeplechase Steeplechase - A fun horse racing game

Fish Fish - An easy to play card game

Marble Solitaire Marble Solitaire - A Marble Solitaire educational game

Marble Buster Marble Buster - A breakout style game

Dinosaur Hunt Dinosaur Hunt - Track down dinosaur fossils around the world in this educational game

Jet Ski Jet Ski - Racing game with Jet Ski bikes

Jigsaw Maker Jigsaw Maker - Make jigsaws from your own pictures

Santa Simulator Santa Simulator - A fun mouse controlled Christmas game

Blobby Breakout Blobby Breakout - Breakout game with eight levels

Frantic Footy Frantic Footy - Five-A-Side football (soccer) game

Simanji Simanji - Granny Olltwit in a game, loosely based on the film, Jumanji

Canary Hunter Canary Hunter - Control Granny Olltwit on her flying carpet in order to catch canaries

Sylvester & Tweety Sylvester & Tweety - Try to catch Tweety Pie

Quackman Quackman - Direct your duck around the cabbage patch

Canary Rescue Canary Rescue - Rescue Earth's canaries in this platform game

Jigsaw Maker Plus Jigsaw Maker Plus - Build and try 48 and 80 piece jigsaws

Slot Car Racer Slot Car Racer - Race against a choice of F1 cars

Find The Lady Find The Lady - Classic three card game

Where's Tigger Where's Tigger - Simple three card game

Simon Simon - Random lights educational memory game

Robbie To The Rescue Robbie To The Rescue - A fun platform game

Ski Run Ski Run - Ski down a slalom type course against the clock

Network Draughts/Checkers Network Draughts/Checkers - Play draughts/checkers across a network

Squares Squares - Classic join the dots game

Hangman Hangman - Educational word game

Clock Face Clock Face - Solitaire card game to help with telling the time

Potty Pool Potty Pool - My version of 8 Ball Pool

Wordsearch Maker Wordsearch Maker - Make your own word searches

Maze Maker Plus Maze Maker Plus - Make your own mazes

Pooh Snap Pooh Snap - Pooh Bear & friends educational card game

ADDers & Ladders ADDers & Ladders - My version of the classic "Snakes & Ladders" game

Teletubbies Music Box Teletubbies Music Box - My popular Teletubbies screen saver now as a program

Disco MP3 & CD/DVD Player Disco MP3 & CD/DVD Player - A CD/DVD/MP3 player with flashing lights

Noughts & Crosses (TIC TAC TOE) Noughts & Crosses (TIC TAC TOE) - My version of this addictive simple game

Pairs Pairs - Match the pairs in this traditional memory educational game

Monkey Puzzle Monkey Puzzle - Complete the picture in this jigsaw type game

Eeyore's Lost Tail Eeyore's Lost Tail - Pin back Eeyore's tail in this simple game

Pooh Sticks Pooh Sticks - Simple Winnie The Pooh game

Pie Tubbies Pie Tubbies - Teletubbies game

Keep Your Cool Keep Your Cool - An educational game to help with combating stress at work or school

Asteroids Asteroids - Blast the asteroids

Mini Golf Mini Golf - 9 hole Mini Golf game

Mini Ice Hockey Mini Ice Hockey - 1 or 2 Player Ice Hockey game

Snap Snap - Simple 1 player card game

Clock Patience/Solitaire Clock Patience/Solitaire - Simple 1 player card game

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Plus! All Our Utility Programs

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All the programs on this site are originals made by Grey Olltwit Software. They are for PC Windows '95 or above e.g. XP, Vista. For more information please see the Help file.

Grey Olltwit Programs DO NOT Contain Adware, Spyware, Viruses, Toolbars Or Any Other Third Party Software

As well as schools and homes around the world, Grey Olltwit educational games users include the BBC, Olympus USA, Xerox, Southampton City College, Manchester City Council, Aberdeen City Council, Edinburgh City Council and many other UK Local Education Authorities plus Idaho, Alabama and many other US State Education Departments et al. Grey Olltwit Software has over 8 million users world-wide in 53 Countries.

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free educational software DVD

100% Genuine Feedback

Thanks for the TERRIFIC software at a great price!
Suzanne, USA

I've been a happy Olltwit user for years - I downloaded several of your programs back in '04, for my older son to use. Now it's time for my younger son to use them, and I've come back to your site to find 1) I owe you, and 2) you have more great stuff. I'm happy to pay up because I know the quality of your educational games.
Mary Beth, Indiana, USA

We got your DVD and its fab! Many thanks.
Lorrane, Scotland

Thank you for creating these programs.

I have ADHD like your son, Richard, and got really much help from your great educational games.
Paal, Norway

Your programs are great. My children are learning significantly better with your educational games, than with programs our distance ed school let us try out.

Thank You for Your Dedication and Hard work to make learning easier for a lot of children :)

Fatima, Canada

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free educational games DVD

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