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free educational software DVD


free educational software DVD

User Feedback/Testimonials

The following is genuine feedback from my members. I really haven't made any of it up.

Name: T
Country: usa
Time: 04:13:42 1/05/2002
Comments: very nice site. very impressed
Name: MrBaldwin
Location: CT
Country: USA
Time: 05:49:21 1/05/2002
Comments: Thanks, Grey, You Rock! I've downloaded 3 of your programs already tonight. I can't wait to make word searches for my students and play hangman with them. And, I can't wait to pin the tail on Eeyore with my daughter.
Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Mr Baldwin
Language Arts Teacher
Library Science Student
Name: chad
Location: mt. pleasant pa 15666 306 pleasant manor drive
Country: united states
Time: 13:39:21 1/05/2002
Comments: your website is great thanks for the downloads, mail me
Name: Ralph Weinsheink
Location: Hollywood, FL
Country: USA
Time: 23:46:33 1/05/2002
Comments: Having 15 years experience with the Internet, all I can honestly and simply say is that Grey Olltwit's web site, is the most Trusting, Loving, Intellectual, Exciting, software URL on the Internet. Thank you sincerely. Hope all is well.
Name: sharran
Location: mackay
Country: australia
Time: 08:33:16 1/07/2002
Comments: well all i can say is you are great i love to download things for my kids that improve there knowledge and all your downloads are great.The kids love playing and learning my 3 year old loves dinosaurs and plays dinosaur hunt all the time well done and keep the free games coming thankyou
Name: Sue
Country: Norway
Time: 00:47:02 1/10/2002
Comments: What a brilliant site!
I have had soooo much fun downloading some of your games - I can't wait for my three children to get stuck in (they'll have to get me off first)
My kids are half British & I felt so bad that they were not getting an English education - what a nice way for them to learn! Thanks - you're angels!
Country: USA
Time: 15:06:19 1/10/2002
Comments: i have to congradulate you on the great games you have for kid's, please add more games like these. i will only use your programs, thankyou for thinking about low income families.
you are doing a great job. thanks again
Name: nlhawk
Location: Indiana
Country: USA
Time: 03:17:02 1/10/2002
Comments: My 5 yr old is hooked!! Thank you for the info on ADD/ADHD it helped me get help for him to settle at one task more than 5 minutes. My daughter is a teacher and asked me to send her this site info for her 3yr olds.
Name: Donna
Location: NY
Country: USA
Time: 03:59:40 1/13/2002
Comments: BEAUTIFUL screensavers and matching wallpaper! It was just what I was looking for on the web. I like your site so much that I bookmarked it and sent the link to several friends. I hope to come back and read up on ADD/ADHD. (This is of particular interest to me as I had once taught children who had this.)
Location: MUNNAR
Country: INDIA
Time: 13:43:49 1/14/2002
Comments: Excellent software. My daughter learnt her addition & subtraction using this. She is in Kindergarten but has learnt up to two digit addition & subtraction. We live in a remote hill station of Kerala, India. Thank you.
Name: Dennis van der Steen
Location: Benschop
Country: Nederland
Time: 22:38:53 1/16/2002
Comments: Hi there, I love the software from Grey Oltwitt, especially his games. But I would like to see darts to be playable for 2 people. Dennis
Name: nunzi
Location: west sussex
Country: england
Time: 11:19:55 1/18/2002
Comments: this is a great sight and i would love more info on adhd as my 12 year old son has this it good to see someone doing something about this as for your programs COOL!!! keep up the good work
Name: poojones2
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: U.S.A.
Time: 20:38:04 1/20/2002
Comments: Keep up the good work. Love your games
can't afford to go buy thank you for having them free. See if you can make up a fun minture golf game. Thanks Again
for having the free
games. Houston, Texas
Name: Inge
Country: Nederland
Time: 20:22:25 1/23/2002
Comments: My daughter loves the Teletubbies Music Box and Doodle Pad. Thanks!
Name: Nilesh
Location: Mumbai
Country: india
Time: 15:29:27 1/24/2002
Comments: i liked the marble solitaire and i found the solution to keep only one marble at the centre. if any wants to know how to keep only one marble and that to in the centre do mail me.
Name: christine
Location: Devon
Country: UK
Time: 19:07:43 1/25/2002
Comments: Amazing site. Have downloaded many games now for use in a centre for adults with learning disabilities where I run the computer dept. Over and over again the students return to your games - they are so helpful to them - especially the time telling ones.
Thank you for making them free too - we have a limited budget and could not afford to have the variety that we do - but thanks to you.
you will go to Heaven !!!
Name: Pierre Gilbert
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Time: 21:04:27 1/26/2002
Comments: I have domnloaded Dinausor Hunt. When I did it, I was thinking of my young nephew who is always talking about dinausors. I tried the game and was caught in it; I could not leave it before I had identified all the fossiles. It is a very nice game with a lot of informations, easy to use and very interesting. Graphics and sounds are fun. I am sure that my nephew (8) will be delighted with that game. Thanks a lot for your generous gift! Pierre
Name: sue connor
Location: new plymouth
Country: new zealand
Time: 07:18:32 1/31/2002
Comments: This site is awesome, I found it by mistake but am glad I have, my 2 kids have more fun on our computer now!... so do I!
Name: k lalonde
Country: canada
Time: 14:53:08 2/06/2002
Comments: I have found this site while in search of farm pictures for my son and was greatly surprised by all it has to offer
Name: molly hernandez
Location: jackson kentucky
Country: usa
Time: 06:36:27 2/08/2002
Comments: i love this site it help's my kids whit work
Name: James Livingston
Location: Warrensburg, MO
Country: USA
Time: 23:58:20 2/14/2002
Comments: We work with people who have all sorts of disabilities. I think about half the folks in the office use your one of your screen savers. I use the silly walk and off course Taz... I am bipolar. Taz does well to represent me in a manic as well. Thanks for your your work.
Name: Margie
Country: United States
Time: 00:07:49 2/18/2002
Comments: I have downloaded some of the childrens games you have available. They are a great way for children to learn. Thank you for making such games available.
Name: Lori
Location: Lake Tahoe, CA
Country: USA
Time: 03:26:24 2/21/2002
Comments: I love these games, they are good for all ages!!!!
Name: debby
Location: new hampshire
Country: us
Time: 02:37:56 2/21/2002
Comments: i downloaded dino's today and my grandson loved it he's 4 years old. i'd like to see alot more like that. very educational with the sounds and bones. again thank you
Name: geraldene
Location: midlands
Country: uk
Time: 20:37:17 2/25/2002
Comments: a great site, love the games my kids love them and i love the winnie pooh screensaver! makes me laugh all the time!

Name: Paul
Location: Wrexham
Country: Wales
Time: 10:50:45 2/25/2002
Comments: Great Site, Great Games,Great Fun. Thanks
Name: Laurie
Location: Illinois
Country: USA
Time: 16:13:21 3/01/2002
Comments: Thank you for all the great games. I get them for all my family. I also like everything else on your site. Thank you for sharing. Laurie-Illinois
Name: rAshMi
Location: Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Time: 11:59:45 3/06/2002
Comments: Dear Mr. Olltwit,
It is sooo refreshing to find good educational software on the net. THANKS A MILLION!!!
Hoping you keep up the good work...
Name: John
Location: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Time: 03:01:07 3/13/2002
Comments: Hi Simon,
your software is excelent, its uncluttered and focused on specific skills. I would rate it on a par with Maths Blaster and others. Well done and thanks a million.
Name: petra mcguire
Location: new forest
Country: england
Time: 17:23:39 3/16/2002
Comments: Thankyou so much for your brilliant games and your educational software it is just what i have been looking for to amuse my 5 year old Autistic son who is out of school at the moment and I have to teach him myself he loves your games especially Tom and Jerry and hangman.....thankyou so much. Name -- alison c
Country -- bedfordshire
Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: Lisa
Location: Caro, MI
Country: USA
Time: 19:01:22 3/17/2002
Comments: Love your site-can't live w/o your screensavers and matching wallpaper-thanks loads and God Bless you Grey Olltwit. :-)
Name: Eileen
Location: Oak Ridge
Country: USA
Time: 01:25:43 3/18/2002
Comments: I just spent about two and a half hours printing and cutting out flash cards that all appear to be included in your Flash Card program. I am certain that the kids will enjoy the little game much better than the plain cards. Wish I had found it sooner, but it was a nice find nonetheless. Thanx :-)
Name: Eden Mitchell Green
Location: Dalhart, Texas
Country: United States
Time: 21:33:13 3/22/2002
Comments: I was delighted with your software and also with the entire site. I am going to recommend to my childrens school teachers to have a look at it. My children are going to have a blast with the programs I downloaded. The educational ones are really great! I signed up for the newsletter too. Thanks to you all!
Name: Silvana Franco
Location: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Time: 21:17:58 3/22/2002
Comments: I have just downloaded some programs for my son. I think they are great (that's why I donwloaded them), but I will wait to hear my son's comments after playing them and then I will tell you.
Of course, to have to go on working with other games you have in mind.
Great success for you. Gon on.
Silvana - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Name: amy welch
Location: sudbury
Country: ontario
Time: 17:46:13 3/22/2002
Comments: I think that this is a wonderful site especiall for children who need programs that help them learn and who are add/adhd.
i thank you for having a book that explains what add/adhd is and to make my child feel more comfortable about herself and that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
once again thank-you :\}
Name: grant burrows
Location: Korumburra....Victoria
Country: Oz
Time: 12:14:33 3/23/2002
Comments: Dear Simon,
very many thanks to you for all the kids
games you have written! They have given my grandkids (and, dare I say it,my WIFE) countless hours of enjoyment and
unadulterated fun!! I have recommended
your games to all of our friends and they in turn are having fun...
All the very best of all good things to
you and yours...Grunt.

Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: Albert D. Toth
Location: Everett (north of Seattle)
Country: United States
Time: 05:07:19 3/25/2002
Comments: Thank you for putting so much of yourself out there for the rest of us. Great stuff for my 4-year old granddaughter. She would not have such stuff if not for people like you.
Name: Amit V Nasta
Location: mumbai
Country: India
Time: 17:04:24 3/31/2002
Comments: Lovely Site Great Fun Specially The screen savers

Name: iqbal mallam-hasham
Time: 18:40:14 4/02/2002
Comments: my son and daughter are excited to have discovered your site. I wish u could help young needy mauritians with these briliant ideas! iqbal
Name: kas
Location: Cheshire
Country: UK
Time: 10:46:04 4/06/2002
Comments: My kids love your games, very good site!!!!!! keep up the good work, we need more wonderful ppl like you creating games
Name: Nandang Gunawan
Location: Bandung
Country: Indonesia
Time: 05:07:55 4/07/2002
Comments: I proud of you. Here, we need more educational software for school. We come from developing country which computer software is very expensive. Free educational software is very useful for us. Thank you very much and thank again.

Name: Enrique Solis
Location: Alabama
Country: USA
Time: 03:29:30 4/11/2002
Comments: Your Educational downloads are "great"!!,also I very much like "Silvester & Tweety" screen saver.
E. Solis, USA
Name: Sally
Location: Shropshire
Country: England
Time: 12:27:48 4/14/2002
Comments: I love this site! Most software sites are not really free, they want you to pay for packaging or something, but this site is wonderful for all those people that can't afford to buy DVD Roms or anything. I don't know how you do it, but keep up the good work.
Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: home_mom
Location: tx
Country: USA
Time: 00:57:56 4/23/2002
Comments: Our family and my daughters friends love all these game; we have downloaded all of them. THanks for the great games!!! WOuld love to see a chess and checkers game. Again thanks so much.
Name: home_mom
Location: tex
Country: USA
Time: 18:24:35 4/23/2002
Comments: I always thought the checkers game was for network only. WEll, I just downloaded and we (my family) love it! Thanks again for the wonderful games!
Name: alex
Location: mani
Country: greece
Time: 22:00:14 4/25/2002

Name: Caroline Evans
Location: Polo MO.
Country: United States
Time: 16:24:35 4/28/2002
Comments: Grey I just love your site I have never ran across anything like your site. I have download a lot of wonderful things from your site. I just wish there were more places like yours. I just wanted you to know I think it is great that you are letting people have your programs for free. I can't aford to get some solfware and I have tried other places to get some programs but they want a lot of money for some of there programs. So thank you so mush for leting me have the programs. Mrs. Caroline Evans
Name: Susan
Location: Dorset
Country: UK
Time: 19:58:17 4/30/2002
Comments: Yes, please keep up the download games, we all enjoy them so much -- especially Marble Busters! I keep referring EOers to your site, it's one of our favourites. Thanks again!
Name: Rickard
Country: Sweden
Time: 21:02:35 5/04/2002
Comments: Great! I've just bought one of Swedens most sold pc-magazines,(Pc for alla,nr4,2002- , and there was a link to your page.. Wonderfull stuff! Guess my child "Ida" will be happy tommorow, when she plays "nalle puh"...her favorite bear;) Swedish hugs to u!
Name: Candace W
Country: USA
Time: 01:30:00 5/10/2002
Comments: Hello! I'm an Instructional Assistant at a small elementary school. I tutor many grades, helping them with math and reading fundamentals. I'm so glad I found Grey Olltwit's Software... its been a true blessing! The kids love the programs. They have so much fun they don't realize they are learning! The programs are great. I hope more are coming soon!
Name: Gary Barnett
Location: Uk
Country: England
Time: 13:02:58 5/18/2002
Comments: i think your games are simply the best i have all the screen savers and wallpaper so keep em comin (including the games) and keep up the good work Grey
Name: charlene
Location: north carolina
Country: united states
Time: 02:33:58 5/18/2002
Name: Louise Murphy
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia
Time: 11:17:55 5/21/2002
Comments: What a break through!!! tonight I stumbled upon your site in sheer frustration.....and thank god I did. My 10 year old son has been experiencing some problems with telling the time. Your Tell The Time programme has overcome these difficulties in just one night. My son Lachlan is a very happy boy thanks to you. Keep up the great work.
Name: Susan Crawford
Location: Metairie, Louisiana
Country: United States
Time: 20:24:47 5/21/2002
Comments: How fantastic! I teach computer lab to elementary students, grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. I have used several of the programs, and the students just eat them up!!! We are on a very limited budget, so these programs are a God-send.....and frankly, better than most of the "pay-for" programs that are available...
Name: Angi Robbins
Country: United States of America
Time: 04:22:17 5/22/2002
Family friendly sites are few & far between these days. I am SO GLAD that I stumbled on to yours (by way of!! YOUR PROGRAMS ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!
Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: Robert Thomas
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: USA
Time: 05:42:22 5/22/2002
Comments: I just wanted to say that even though I stumbled to this site...I do really appriciate it. I think it has been a long time since seeing a sight that doesn't have half nude men or women on it. To make a long story short...A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!
Name: Charmaine
Location: Ayr
Country: Scotland
Time: 09:26:34 5/22/2002
Comments: What a wonderful site. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into it. I hope it is greatly appreciated. I look forward to more exciting downloads.
Name: Valerie
Location: Indiana
Country: USA
Time: 18:16:49 5/23/2002
Comments: What a wonderful site. Completely free, and the games are great. It's family-friendly and what's best is the games don't take up much space at all.
Name: Cathy & Allister
Location: Oamaru
Country: New Zealand
Time: 08:17:04 5/24/2002
Comments: Thank you very much for letting us share your software. Our children love the games (almost as much as we do!) It is wonderful to know that there are some genuinely helpful sites on the net.
Name: Melanie Klein
Country: Canada
Time: 04:35:10 5/24/2002
Comments: I think your site is great. My 2 year old loves Tigger and Pooh and I really like your screensavers, games, and wallpaper. Thanks for having this free site.
Location: PATRAS
Country: GREECE
Time: 01:05:20 5/28/2002
Comments: Really good progs.Funny and light.Congs
Name: Andrew
Location: Perth
Country: Western Australia
Time: 14:51:25 5/30/2002
Comments: I love your programs, my three year old son can count and do simple maths problems and can tell us different colours and shapes and enjoys the games very much. one day i will tell him he is learning while having fun. but not today. thanks very much.
Name: Dave
Location: London
Country: England
Time: 14:41:53 6/05/2002
Comments: A big thanks for the considerable amount of work you put into this site. Your excellent games are a real benefit for those on a very tight budget but who still wish to give their children as many advantages as they can.
You're a 'Star'.
Name: Janette
Location: Cumbria
Country: UK
Time: 20:55:23 6/10/2002
Comments: What a wonderful person Grey Olltwit is for making these software programmes for Children and for those adults who still have a child inside us that must play games. Must say a Big THANKYOU for the counting frame which I wrote to him and asked about, My daughter loves it and has benefitted from it. All The Best.
Name: gordon
Location: south australia
Country: australia
Time: 11:30:05 6/17/2002
Comments: great web page,great games, my grandkids love them and i have used your greeting cards twice, bloody brilliant. keep up the good work.
leith from australia
Name: ravi kanth
Location: hyderabad,A.P.(South India)
Country: India
Time: 07:50:06 6/24/2002
Comments: Dear Mr.Ollwit,
Thanks for sharing your terrific games. My 3 years old son loves them and you definitely understand kids.I find your games are best suited for children and aid them to learn while playing. Please keep up the excellent work.
with best wishes & regards,
ravi kanth.
Name: Karen
Location: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Time: 23:53:01 6/26/2002
Comments: I have downloaded marble buster and I LOVE IT!!!!! WTG on making such a great game. I have tried others but they were always a pain lol. Going to try steeple chase now........keep up the good work!!!!!
Location: MUMBAI
Country: INDIA
Time: 13:41:20 7/02/2002
Name: Sandra K. Bryant
Location: Schulter, Oklahoma
Country: United States
Time: 23:35:06 7/09/2002
Comments: Grey, Thank you ever so much. What I have played so far is wonderful. I cannot wait til my grandson (4yrs old) comes for his weekly visit and I show him what I have downloaded for him. He will love it! We do alot of things together and this can add to the list for rainy days, after dark,and of course winter. Again, how nice of you to do this for people! May God Bless. SKB
Name: Jim
Location: Somewhere in Time
Country: Little England
Time: 23:24:43 7/12/2002
Comments: Hi. Downloaded a couple of games...FANTASTIC! Not only are these games great when needing a well earned break but, they are great for my 3 year old too! We played Pool for 20 minutes earlier...its hard for my kid to focus on anything longer than 20 seconds let alone 20 minutes! Thanks a whole bunch...keep up the terrific work! kind regards...Jim
Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: Joann Meiners
Location: Gold Coast
Country: Australia
Time: 07:29:40 7/14/2002
Comments: Thank you Simon for your great site and for your skill and dedication. My grandson suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, he enjoys your teaching aids and games. Your continued help for our children is much appreciated.
Name: JOY
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia
Time: 03:16:14 7/14/2002
Comments: Thank you very much for the software. I am a Pensioner with very little spare cash, so I appreciate the time and effort you have put in for others, a rare thing in this day and age. I hope your son is well.
Regards Joy
Name: Jane
Location: Tasmania
Country: Australia
Time: 10:48:18 7/15/2002
Comments: Thank you so much for your time and effort put into your games...I love them!!! I search around to try and find good quality G rated games for my daughter and this is one great site. Thank you once again :-)
Name: Debbie
Location: NJ
Country: US
Time: 20:50:09 7/16/2002
Comments: I just got a link from a friend to your site and I downloaded marble solitaire and dots. Their addictive and fun...A great excuse to put off cleaning my house for awhile! I Thank You \{My husband..not so much\}
Location: LACONIA N.H.
Country: USA
Time: 13:37:18 7/19/2002

Name: David Smith
Location: Milton,WV
Country: USA
Time: 03:18:42 7/23/2002
Comments: I love your games.They are helping me teach my 3 year old girl about using computers plus I simply love playing them by myself.I am 45 years old and I find these games to be GREAT!
Name: Mandy
Location: California
Country: united states
Time: 20:33:22 7/23/2002
Comments: Dear Mr.Olltwit: If you ever get the chance to read this feedback from me I just wanted to tell you that you have really great games and I appreciate that you let people download them for free. My little sister loves to play the Teletubbies Game it is cute, and I like the Gocart game. Thank you for making so much cool games.
Yours Mandy from claifornia.
Name: Cheryl McKnight
Location: Rock Creek WV
Country: USA
Time: 01:33:33 7/27/2002
Name: Clare
Location: Derby
Country: U.K.
Time: 07:43:34 8/03/2002
Comments: I think this is great,very kind of you to do this, my children have very short attention and flit from one game to another so being able to get a variety is excellant!
Name: John O.
Location: Missouri
Country: USA
Time: 04:24:09 8/07/2002
Comments: I enjoy your ice hockey program, it's been strangely addictive all through the last year or two. I'd love to see an updated version of the same basic concept.
Name: Lela J.
Location: Texas
Country: USA
Time: 09:48:25 8/09/2002
Comments: I just wanted to say that my husband and my children love your games. They actually spend time together while playing them. Thank you.
Name: John
Location: Peacehaven
Country: UK.
Time: 12:58:08 8/12/2002
Comments: Hi, Fantastic,the grand children loved all the games.(granma and grandad as well) well done.Many thanks for a job well done lets have some more!!! john
Country -- arkansas, usa
Comments on feedback? -- Yes
Name: Nathan Arnold
Location: Tennessee
Country: USA
Time: 02:45:07 8/15/2002
Comments: I really love your games. You have such a knack for this. I love that they keep my intrest and that they are small enough to download quickly, even with my dial-up connection. I saw a game on lycos once that was like yahtzee, but with fish. I would suggest making a game like that for your site. It seems like it would be a really easy project for someone with your skill. I still like your other games and will keep playing them even if you don't make a game like that, but it would be neat.
Name: Clare
Location: Staffordshire
Country: England
Time: 16:02:57 8/24/2002
Comments: I love the site - a good resource for teachers and parents alike
Name: Ralph Smole
Location: Briar,TX
Country: USA
Time: 23:09:32 8/26/2002
Comments: Your games are GREAT!! While they may not be overblown with 3D--DirectX graphics, I love them!! Please keep up the great work!!
God Bless!!
Name: Ed
Location: USA
Country: USA
Time: 02:35:26 8/26/2002
Comments: Great site! Loved the games!
Name: Caroline Andrews
Location: Hampshire
Country: U.K.
Time: 21:57:53 8/24/2002
Comments: I've come into a bit of money, so I've just got a new P.C. to replace one which Noah would have used to keep track of his animals on and I'm busy loading all sorts of stuff onto it. I'm unemployed at the moment, after doing in my back, so I haven't got much money to spare. I've also got several friends who work with people of all ages with learning difficulties, so I've told them about your site (in fact I've raved about it in a flurry of emails). It's also very nice to get straightforward programs with no hidden pitfalls. Some of the sites I've visited have left very nasty calling cards behind which I've had to get my resident ad-remover to get rid of. Having downloaded most of your lovely wallpaper and screensavers, I'm now going to try the games and educational stuff (but not the maths - it scares me). Watch this space - you'll probably hear from me again!!
Name: Samantha Ray
Location: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Time: 06:19:24 8/27/2002
Comments: Wonderful sight, enjoyed it a lot. Joshua my 7yr old son has ADHD and totally loves it especially the games.
Please keep up the good work as it is greatly appreaciated. Sam.
Name: Heather Conklin
Location: Port Jervis , New York
Country: USA
Time: 12:39:07 8/28/2002
Comments: I love all your games. There so fun and easy to use. I sent your address to my baby, Jennifer Marie , *kisses* I love you baby!!!
Name: Peter
Location: belfast
Country: northern ireland
Time: 19:09:19 8/29/2002
Comments: Good evening:
Thank for you good work, I have just started to use your web site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Name: Paulo Campioni
Location: Campinas - SP
Country: Brasil
Time: 12:37:53 8/30/2002
Comments: Mr. Olltwit, My children (10, 4 and 2 years old) keep asking me to play Sylvester & Tweety every day. They love
your games and so do I. Great work. Keep it on. Best Regards

Name: Linda
Location: California
Country: USA
Time: 19:13:47 8/30/2002
Comments: Wow, this is the best site I have found that doesn't ask you to register or trial games then you have to buy them.
Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
Name: Dawn
Location: Liverpool
Country: England
Time: 02:32:17 8/31/2002
Comments: I would just like to say thanks for the hours of fun my sons have playing your games. Being on an old computer there are very few games to be found that children can enjoy amd parents can be safe knowing that there are no little suprizes with them. Thanks again
Country: USA
Time: 19:10:41 9/05/2002
Name: Sharon
Location: Bristol
Country: England
Time: 17:30:35 9/08/2002
Comments: Hi
I would just like to thank you for the brillaint educational programs, I have downloaded most of them, The everlasting worksheet are espically good as my daughter loves to print off the certificates to show her good work. She has a folder full of them. I would love something about fractions, that kids can print something off from.
Name: rAshMi
Location: Mumbai (Bombay)
Country: INDIA
Time: 11:13:54 9/11/2002
Comments: This site has some of the best educational games I've come across. My mother teaches children who have ADHD and I introduced her to the site. The kids absolutely love the games!!!
Name: Thomas Kelly
Location: Kentucky
Country: USA
Time: 22:03:17 9/12/2002
Comments: I would like to thank you for the free games, I especialy love the Marble Solitare and Marble Buster, I hope you create more games like these. Thank You
Name: Suzana Haziri
Location: Preston
Country: UK
Time: 22:00:11 9/21/2002
Comments: I wish you all the best in creating a new games and programs for children.
I downloaded some of them for my children and they like it very much Many thanks
Name: Thelma Burris
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Country: USA
Time: 22:18:31 9/22/2002
Comments: I downloaded Bowling. When my Grandson
(5Yrs Old) came to visit, he & I played
the game. My son loved it so much he
e-mailed it to his home in Florida. I
think this game is GREAT. I can bowl without leaving my home. Thank you and
God Bless You.
Name: marc scales
Location: cowbeech e sussex
Country: england
Time: 14:40:45 9/22/2002
Comments: cool site man keep up the good work
Name: Kieran Robinson
Country: Australia
Time: 10:04:37 9/23/2002
Comments: i have downloaded nearly all your games and i think they're all great, especially tom and jerry, demolition dumpout and jet skis. from Kieran
Name: Max
Location: Italy
Time: 07:31:13 9/30/2002
Comments: Great games for my great daughter Sofia.
Go on!!!
Name: LLSmith
Country: USA
Time: 17:11:40 10/09/2002
Comments: Thank you for making these educational and fun games available for the children and the whole family!!!
And thank you for putting them in exe format so it is easy for us to download!
Name: Marc
Location: washington
Country: usa
Time: 03:17:09 10/19/2002
Comments: what a great site, had to order cd just to say thanks
Name: Tracie Grogg
Location: Alabama
Country: USA
Time: 18:31:13 10/19/2002
Comments: I think that your games are absolutely wonderful. Both of my children suffer from ADHD and with your games I see joy in their face with every accomlishment they make. Thank you!!
Name: Sandi
Location: Ohio
Country: usa
Time: 22:43:22 10/23/2002
Comments: I think your site with downloads is fantastic. I wish they would have had these games when my kids were little. My son had ADHD when he was young.
I download them for my grandchildren to play. thank you for putting full versions on for free. God Bless You !

Name: JOY
Location: Blue Mountains
Country: Australia
Time: 09:03:36 11/07/2002
Comments: I would just like to say thank you once again for your free programs. I hope you and yours are well and happy
Name: Tina Prosser
Location: Sth Gippsland
Country: Australia
Time: 11:08:43 11/09/2002
Comments: This is the BEST site, my 5 year old granddaughter has so much fun playing your games, so do I
Thank you so much
Name: John bellows
Location: Jersey
Country: Channel Islands
Time: 22:43:03 11/09/2002
Comments: I like all your games and ask my dad to download all the latest ones. I love drawing for children.My favourite is bowling version 1 and 2.
Name: Cathe
Country: USA
Time: 06:46:20 11/13/2002
Comments: This site is totally totally awesome. I have forwarded it to everyone I know. Good luck and bless your sincere heart. Your charitable DVD offer would make excellent gifts for christmas!
Name: Ivan
Location: Canungra
Country: Australia
Time: 10:02:12 11/14/2002
Comments: Your site is the best free download site I have come accross. No fuss , no hidden meanings , easy to make the download and easy to see what you are about to get . Thanks a lot .
Name: Stephanie Maiman
Location: Venice CA
Country: US
Time: 18:02:53 11/14/2002
Comments: I'm thrilled to find your site. I tutor math and use your programs to help my students. They love it!
Name: Anne Kristel Dekker-de Jong
Location: Steenbergen
Country: Netherlands
Time: 10:48:34 11/15/2002
Comments: Thank you very much for your educational games; my 4-year-old son enjoys it very much and he has improved using the computer (c.q. the mouse) very much!! I have been looking for educational games like this for a while, but I never found a site like this. Please go on! Kind regards, Anne Kristel
Name: Penny Atkins
Location: Quakers Hill
Country: Australia
Time: 04:24:56 11/16/2002
Comments: You are a very dedicated person and I thank you for all your hard work in helping people. My children and I have great fun playing your games. We are very good at the Strongest Link and I have found they are learning by remembering the answers. I love your site and thank you for all your work.
Best wishes.

Name: Sandy
Location: ILLINOIS
Country: USA
Time: 03:38:52 11/23/2002
Name: Wayne
Location: Wellington N.S.W
Country: Australia
Time: 07:24:20 11/24/2002
Comments: WOW!! I just discovered your site full of Free Stuff. It is the best I have seen for free games for kids and adults. I have two young ones and they love Demolition Dumpout and jet ski. The best thing about your games is THAT THEY DO WORK. I have downloaded so much for my kids and myself and they NEVER WORK but yours does. You are the best. I hope you and yours have a wonderfull and Happy Holiday season.
Name: Mark McKinney
Location: Sanford, NC
Country: United States
Time: 19:27:53 11/25/2002
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that I have always loved your Web site, and I really appreciate all that you are doing. You most definitely have some of the best software on the Internet. I added your game, GO Karts, to, and it has been a huge success with more than 400 downloads in just 3 weeks. Keep up the good work!
Name: Dixie
Location: Crystal River Fl
Country: USA
Time: 16:44:45 11/28/2002
Comments: I Love your screensavers!! They are The Best on the net. I keep your site book marked on my compuper.
Name: AJ
Time: 19:09:26 12/02/2002
Name: Dan
Location: saskatchewan
Country: canada
Time: 02:31:57 12/10/2002
Comments: Great site man, your games are also cool not only is your site easy to use. Your games download quick and install in a snap, thanks.
Name: Tierney
Location: Tennessee
Country: USA
Time: 13:13:12 12/12/2002
Comments: Thanks for all your hard work. my children love your games and I get quite a kick out of them myself.
I recommend this site to all my friends and family.
five stars
Name: averil
Location: ammanford
Country: wales
Time: 20:36:05 12/13/2002
Comments: Hi there,
Well done in all your hard work,i enjoy your games,and have told members of the family,now we are all in your site,keep up the good work and take care.
Name: linda bush
Location: fl
Country: usa
Time: 17:18:54 12/20/2002
Comments: HEY Grey thanks for all your time and efforts to make people like me feel speacil!! lindafb
Name: Peter
Location: Liverpool
Country: England
Time: 00:36:40 12/21/2002
Comments: Excelent....My son is Diagnosed ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome, He loves the PC Games. Keep up the good work.
Name: Patrick O'Byrne
Location: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Time: 19:28:56 12/21/2002
Comments: Hi Grey, I think your programes are realy good. Both my kids and my wife and myself spend alot of time enjoying playing the games, and we have all of them. I always recomend your site and games, please keep up your efforts as they bring so much fun to our lives.
Best regards Pat.
Name: Lady Jane
Location: village on the countryside
Country: Germany
Time: 13:35:44 12/22/2002
Comments: Hi Grey Ollwit,
you did a great work with your software games & software.
a time ago I'd some of the games downloaded on my computer & became quite addicted to marble solitaire.
when I made my computer new after a big crash, I missed your games.
I just downloaded them again & will sure enjoy them. Thanx for making them free available for all people!!!
keep on doing your good work!!!
Lady Jane from Germany
Name: Alegria
Location: new south wales
Country: australia
Time: 05:00:09 12/23/2002
Comments: this is a great site and i hope whenever you have any new games, that i hopefully hear about them. i love your go-karts it rocks. thanks
Name: Fredrik
Location: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Time: 20:56:58 12/23/2002
Comments: Great site! I love the disco player!
Name: sonja
Location: the Netherlands
Country: wilnis
Time: 20:04:17 12/24/2002
Comments: great site keep up the good work.
i'll like the midget golf game
Name: claire
Time: 18:17:42 12/29/2002
Comments: i love your games
Location: brisbane qld
Country: australia
Time: 01:35:33 12/31/2002
Comments: games are great my kids love them.
Name: La Wanna Jones
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Country: USA
Time: 06:03:39 12/31/2002
Comments: Your games are wonderful. Your cd-rom is put together in a very wonderful and easy to use format. Thank you for sharing. I will be adding a link from my web sites to yours.
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