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free educational software DVD

User Feedback/Testimonials

The following is genuine feedback from my members. I really haven't made any of it up.

Name: Aldena
Location: Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Time: 00:23:15 1/01/2001
Comments: I think your website is great. There are a lot of games that I have downloaded and they take no time. They are easy to play and are lots of fun for kids and adults. Great job!!

Name: Jessica
Location: Wa
Country: us
Time: 22:52:07 1/06/2001
Comments: This is so great and easy to. We got our computer only weeks ago and I could do this on my own in minutes. Everyone should try this and its free. Thats the best part. Thank you for your great stuff!!
Name: Jackie Jones.
Location: Whixall, N.Shropshire.
Country: U.K
Time: 11:54:46 1/06/2001
Comments: What a nice site. I was sent the address from a friend. I will pass it on to lot's more.
Good Work.
Name: Sandra
Location: Gwandalan
Country: Australia
Time: 14:53:08 1/05/2001
Comments: I have been a fan of your website since I found it nearly 2 years ago. I love the game Pairs. It has kept me amused for hours...I'm still a kid at heart. Keep up the great work.
Name: Irene
Location: West Midlands
Time: 10:04:13 1/14/2001
Comments: An excellent site, thank you. Keep up the good work.
Name: Andy Lovering
Location: Hayling Island
Country: UK
Time: 20:29:56 1/13/2001
Comments: I've downloaded a couple of the games for my kids, my youngest is playing one as I speak. An excellent site and a useful resource, Ta.
Name: Neil Allen
Location: South Yorkshire
Country: UK
Time: 12:55:49 1/16/2001
Comments: Great games - I especially like to Go Karting one! Great site too, I'll be back!
Name: Leonardo Stallone
Location: Bari
Country: Italy
Time: 07:49:07 1/17/2001
Comments: Hi, This is Leonard from Italy. Congratulations for your games and screen savers. My 2 kids really enjoyed that. Please, keep up your mission. Len

Name: Linda Faubus
Country: United States
Time: 12:31:46 1/18/2001
Comments: Just wanted to say thank you!!!
Name: Ann G.
Location: South Carolina
Country: United States
Time: 02:47:30 1/20/2001
Comments: Dear Grey,
Thank you for some really fun and educational games for me and my grandchildren. This is the best software site I have visited!! Thanks again & May God bless you and keep you.
Ann G.
Name: Kristin Joyner
Location: Aventon, North Carolina
Country: USA
Time: 01:05:33 1/20/2001
Comments: dearest simon and caroline, you sound like my kind of people. i have a son, michael, who is ten years old and severely lead poisoned, which resulted in learning disabilities which mimic add and autism. i had to stop working and teach him at home and in the process have discovered much like yourselves that money and success is not the be all and end all in life. your programs are wonderful, i am currently using the multiplication tables and hope to use more of them as time goes by. michael also loves the poohsticks game. he is working on about a 5 year old developmental level, so the game is great for him. God bless and keep you both. kristin and mikey in north carolina
Name: Phil Millington-Hore
Location: Herts
Country: England
Time: 15:23:36 1/21/2001
Comments: You are a genius! OK, maybe a little too much, but I love the programs you have written. What do you write them in?
I am a programmer but I have not got the software or the knowledge to write games - just simple business programs in Visual Basic! I have a couple in use out the world somewhere: A prison in the North of England, in the middle of the sea somewhere and in a company back home...
Name: Lars Mikkelsen
Location: Vinderup
Country: Denmark
Time: 16:37:32 1/22/2001
Comments: Keep up the good work, i am waithing for som new games her in 2001. Best reagards Lars
Name: Sherry Wiens
Location: Red Deer Alberta
Country: Canada
Time: 04:48:06 1/24/2001
Comments: it was my first time on your site and I downloaded your skylife screensaver and I'm enjoying your page so keep up the good work your page is great.
Name: Dianne
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Country: USA
Time: 01:35:03 1/25/2001
Comments: I just wanted to say thank you Grey, and what a Great job you did on your screensavers. My two year old granddaughter and me spent most of the day downloading and viewing your screensavers. She had the best time with me today because of your creativeness. Thanks again. I appreciate you. Dianne, from Nashville Tennessee
Name: Maxine Field
Location: Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Time: 21:15:34 1/26/2001
Comments: Thank-uou so much. I really like the games and Screen saver I downloaded. I am a single mom, My son was born with down's syndrome and has also been diagnoised with Autistic spectrum disorder. I appalude you for getting awarness out there on adhd. I am trying to put a web site together for My son. Not to Pc litterate though. I am not able to afford a lot of Games for him so your stuff is a god send. Thanks again. Blessings to you and yours.
Country: UK
Time: 20:05:28 2/01/2001
Comments: HELLO GREY.
Your disco mp3 & cd player is the best on the market, it is so simple to use,it looks great,the speakers look real and the lights are fantastic, well done.
Name: Bryan Street
Location: Mississauga Ontario
Country: Canada
Time: 00:10:30 2/05/2001
Comments: Being crippled and on a pension, it's very hard to keep up the cost, of upgrading my computer, to play the games that are coming out. I have to sit all day, and it get crazy for me.
Playstation is my relief, and now your games. Good, simple, and very much enjoyable. Please keep up the good work.
Maybe the game company's can read this and slow down and stop being so greedy, and make games, us poor people can play. Instead of us having to spend almost every cent we don't have, just to enjoy a little bit in life. Your games are really good. Again keep up the good work.
Your friend From Canada
Bryan Street
Name: Jeannette May
Location: Essex
Country: England
Time: 16:11:08 2/11/2001
Comments: I've downloaded a couple times tables and the word search. Thay have both helped with both of my sons.It has encouraged them especially the certificates which they get. So keep up the good work as it certainly has encouraged. Thanks
Name: Peter Farnbauer
Location: Komarno
Country: Slovakia(Europe)
Time: 03:47:16 2/14/2001
Comments: I'm a musician from Slovakia and I hated computer games and I've never installed a game on my computer before my 4 years old son begun to have interest for computers. A month ago I started to search for games on the net.I don't know how I've found your site but I must tell you most of your games are really funny.Sometimes I play them together with Tom.I appreciate your service very much.Thank you!
Peter Farnbauer
Name: Jeannie
Location: Cape Breton,Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Time: 12:04:42 2/15/2001
Comments: I think your games are great! The whole family enjoys them.I'm not quite sure how I came upon your site---but I'm sure glad I did!! Keep up the good work!I've been telling a lot of people about it.My 4 year old grandson loves it.
Name: Terryl Poulin
Location: Iowa
Country: U.S.
Time: 03:46:54 2/21/2001
Comments: I really like your teletubbies screensaver, I have been lookin and looking for one with the baby because my 9 month old son loves that baby. I was just wondering if that is your child in the sun? Love it! thanks
Name: Andreas Lindholm
Location: Braås
Country: Sweden
Time: 13:39:40 2/21/2001
Comments: Excellent software!
We love SIbowl!

Name: Robb Long
Location: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Time: 18:21:40 2/20/2001
Comments: Your programs are great. They Have helped Jade(4 years old) with her mouse and keyboard skills. These are great. Thank you very much for sharing these programs with our home.
Name: Teresa
Location: In.
Country: U.S.A.
Time: 04:46:02 2/22/2001
Comments: Thank you for sharing your programs. I love the bowling and I have 3 Grandkids ranging in ages 3-11 and they all love it too.
Name: paul
Location: melb
Country: Australia
Time: 02:37:36 2/24/2001
Comments: i am so pleased to have found your site.
my young daughter has a small pc and i have had such a hard time finding games and programs for her.Your site has the lot and it is so easy to use THANK U SO MUCH FOR SPENDING THE TIME TO SET IT UP
Name: Sonya Holley
Location: NC
Country: US
Time: 01:38:18 2/25/2001
Comments: I think your site is wonderful. I have a 7 year old son and this is just perfect for me and him to have something to do together. Keep up the good work Grey! Thank you!
Name: Christina Garcia
Location: Missouri
Country: US
Time: 18:08:44 2/26/2001
Comments: Thank you so much for the software you provide. My kids have sure enjoyed your games. We have especially liked the ones that contained an icon. These have provided my daughter the ability to completely start and finish the games herself (she's six). Thanks again!
Name: shazzzer
Location: essex
Country: uk
Time: 18:42:07 2/28/2001
Comments: glad i found your site, the kids love it, their favs are the games, (I like them too). Well Done
Name: heather conklin
Location: new york
Country: usa
Time: 00:50:43 3/02/2001
Name: Janiene Fain
Location: Mattawan, Michigan
Country: USA
Time: 15:06:27 3/08/2001
Comments: Thank you for creating such a great free math program. I have spent hours searching the internet to find simple things to help my son with math. He's in fourth grade and struggles with "math facts". He played your times table program and thoroughly enjoyed it. The certificate at the end was an added plus for him; the reward for hard work. Thanks.
Name: Grandad David Leeson
Location: Birmingham
Country: West Midlands
Time: 19:35:41 3/10/2001
Comments: Thank you for the super games they have given my four grand children many hours of enjoyment and fun. The dexterity they show using the computer is amazing and has given them an interest other than the tv and has made them learn to share.
Name: Michael Oldfield
Location: Bromley, Kent
Country: England
Time: 20:40:10 3/10/2001
Comments: I found about your brilliant games when I bought a bowling game. At first I only had that one, but now I have 5 and oncounting. I seem to be playing them every day! Cool Games!!
Name: Gary McLean
Location: hamilton, Ontario
Country: Canada
Time: 22:49:22 3/13/2001
Comments: Love the games but I work at a school with special needs kids and would like your permission to use them at school.
Thanks Gary Mclean
Name: R. P. Jhaveri
Location: Maharashtra
Country: India
Time: 16:22:12 3/17/2001
Comments: I really enjoyed downloading your games.The good thing about them is that they are simple to play & small in size. Keep up the good work & do let me know if you add more sport games to your list.
Name: Nick Limpkin
Location: Swanley Kent
Country: Little England
Time: 22:30:24 3/16/2001
Comments: Well what can I say about your site!
The games are outstandingly good and idictive. Especialy Keep your Cool and Go-Karts... your mp3/cd player is excellent. I myself have been diagnosed with a mild case of ADD and also Dyslexia, And it heartens me to think there are poeple like you who work hard to get ADD more recoqnised. Keep up the Great Work
Name: John Hudson
Location: Yeovil, Somerset
Country: England
Time: 17:54:01 3/19/2001
Comments: I have just wasted a whole afternoon playing with your games, having found your web site looking for games for a friends children!!! I think the work you are doing is just great. May you never get bored and therefore keep all the good software coming.
Name: arnold
Location: california
Country: usa
Time: 01:25:33 3/19/2001
Comments: I just wanted to let u know that u have a fantastic site with great downloads. I really enjoyed the mariah carey screen saver. Keep up the good work.
Name: Jim Howe
Location: Hackney London
Country: England
Time: 11:30:48 3/19/2001
Comments: Great games any chance of changing the Sylvester & Tweety game to Tom & Jerry. I notice you have a screen saver as Tom & Jerry My kids prefer them! Thanks
Name: Jeanie
Location: Alabama
Country: USA
Time: 17:34:14 3/20/2001
Comments: I think your games are great! Not sure I came across the site, but I sure am glad that I did. I really like it because a lot of the games are small enough for me to save on disk and carry with me everywhere. Keep adding new games!
Name: Jimmy D. Lepping
Location: Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby & Thunder Over Louisville!
Country: USA
Time: 17:48:10 3/29/2001
Comments: I am a 48 year old visually impaired father of 3 sons. My 9 year old and 14 year old both have ADDH. I was so pleased to find the marvelous works you have produced and shared with the world.
I thank you for all of your invested time and efforts. Your programs have helped my children. Your efforts have also brought joy to me via your marvelous fireworks screen saver. I have roughly 5% vision in my left eye which I enjoy using to watch the fireworks. Thanks for adding some visual enjoyment to my life. Respectfully,
Jimmy D. Lepping
Louisville, Kentucky

Name: Glen
Location: Mountains/WV.
Country: U.S.of A.
Time: 10:29:37 4/01/2001
Comments: I've had your page bookmarked for awhile,decided to d/l the game hangman for my ADD/ADHD son,instead I played it.
I really need to show this to my son.
Thx.for a Great time! Glen

Name: sherree
Location: mississippi
Country: usa
Time: 20:28:30 4/03/2001
Comments: thanks, for all the great games. my fav. is sylvester and tweety.keep up good work. keep coming up with new ones.
Name: J
Location: Missouri
Country: USA
Time: 02:53:03 3/28/2001
Comments: I've liked you games for a long time, my old computer ops teacher introduced me to them. Good job, keep it up
Name: Hazza
Location: Essex
Country: England
Time: 16:28:52 4/08/2001
Comments: I have over 10 of your games and each one is brill! My favourite is GOKarts because it's way cool and fun!!
Name: matt
Location: victoria, australia
Country: australia
Time: 02:30:10 4/08/2001
Comments: i have downloaded a number of your games and by far the go kart game is the best. Although i would like to see more sport games like basketball or something.
Name: Andrew
Location: West Virginia
Country: United States
Time: 22:11:55 4/08/2001
Comments: I have dowloaded bowling and hangman. I have played bowling and its dA BEST BOWLING GAME EVEN IF THE SCORING IS WHACKED. I'm going to download more games soon especially Go-Karts because everyone is saying its the best. I'm 14 years old. I also think your site is da bomb
Name: Ruth Taylor
Location: Leicester
Country: UK
Time: 21:08:05 4/08/2001
Comments: My children absolutely adore all your games, and I wouldn't be without them!
Keep more coming and many thanks.
Name: Betty Cherry
Location: Virginia
Country: USA
Time: 05:15:10 4/10/2001
Comments: love all your games. i downloaded for my grandkids (5&6) they have a blast except i downloaded the word flashcards and i run myself to death because you don't tell them what the word is.
Location: READING
Country: UK
Time: 11:32:35 4/18/2001
Name: Jenni Cheeseman
Location: Port Macquarie
Country: Australia
Time: 12:26:15 4/20/2001
Comments: We downloaded some of your games a few years ago & after formatting our hard drive last week our children were upset at losing asteroids among other games. It didn't take long to find your site. Thank you for providing my children with non-violent, fun games that we all enjoy.
Name: Gerry Dolan (
Location: Highlands
Country: Scotland
Time: 21:59:49 4/30/2001
Comments: Dear Grey, I think your programs are terrific. I use them with quite a range of kids in an academy and they are extremely popular. Thank you for the great work you are doing.
Name: devendrabhatt
Location: mumbai india
Country: india
Time: 14:35:31 5/02/2001
Comments: dear sir,
it is amazing yr programe for children
they love to learn maths i hope you shold also start withe children poem
and in todays world y are giving this free may god bless you and all the best for future
Name: Lucy
Country: England
Time: 09:41:20 5/03/2001
Comments: Thank you! for a great site with fantastic stuff! I love to change to new screensavers and stuff alot and have found most other sites unreliable. I stumbled over this one and I love Winnie the Pooh and I just can't say enough good things about this site. It's fab!
Name: sandra
Country: australia
Time: 13:29:35 5/03/2001
Comments: thank you for such a great site and games that help my whole family have fun together.
it helps the kids with their computer skills and they are learning while having fun
keep up the great work
Name: Crystal Carlin
Location: Nakina
Country: Canada
Time: 04:52:00 5/11/2001
Comments: Thank you so much for the games that you have created. Both my children love them and they are really helping with my sons education and he has fun playing them. Sincerely, Crystal
Name: Evelyn
Location: Perth
Country: Australia
Time: 14:53:08 5/12/2001
Comments: I have two kids below 5 years and they have benefit much from your programs. Thanks!
Name: Nono
Location: Macau
Country: Macau
Time: 14:25:46 5/14/2001
Comments: May kid of 5 years old, like very much the games found in your site thenothers site.
As a mother, the "Pairs" is the best game in your site, because when the kids play, can train their memory, and they can match the pair of cartoons they like very much.
I seggest you, to create some cartoons puzzles games, because I thing many kids will like it.
Name: Jimmy Campbell
Country: united states
Time: 13:10:53 5/14/2001
Comments: Thanks for all the great games! I am a handicapped individual, and I love to be on the computer! I am very good at math, so your addition game was terrific. I also enjoy everything else, especially the screensavers.
Name: Wayne
Location: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Time: 10:13:02 5/14/2001
Comments: Just downloaded and installed Disco MP3 & DVD Player from Tucows,its a cool player.
Location: DAGENHAM
Country: ENGLAND
Time: 12:13:03 5/13/2001
Name: imcatcrazy
Location: Maryland
Country: USA
Time: 20:33:29 5/19/2001
Comments: My son & I loved your games & website very much.We have a lot of fun playing them together now snce we downloaded several.Our all-time favorites are the bowling game & the Dinosaur hunt.Thanks for sharing your talents,
imcatcrazy & pokerich
Name: Barbara
Location: alabama
Country: usa
Time: 12:15:51 5/22/2001
Comments: love the dinosaure game need more of them they are great. and do you have a reading section for comprhension and such if so please send me the sight. thanks Barb
Name: Pamelyn
Location: Michigan
Country: USA
Time: 02:23:45 5/25/2001
Comments: Love the screensavers! I am about to go back and download some games. Keep up the great work!
Name: Pat
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Country: United States
Time: 06:23:44 5/26/2001
Comments: Kids love the pairs game, but wish there was some way to reset high scores. Have them so high they can't beat them anymore.
Name: kate
Location: new plymouth (
Country: new zealand
Time: 09:10:03 5/29/2001
Comments: I rate your site 10/10 or 100%!!! My mother and Aunty use it and are also thrilled! Last night I downloaded the Queen Mother screensaver - to match the British flag mousepad my cousin brought me back from London! (And the new UK email addy I just got by accident!) My computer is an old 486 but has a 56k modem installed and I think 16mb ram and the s/saver is just glorious! I couldn't wish for better quality. Your creations are tops and *CONGRATULATIONS*!*
Location: KENTUCKY
Country: USA
Time: 23:54:55 6/01/2001
Comments: First I wish to say that I surf a lot and your site works faster and is more logical to figure out than most. Your games are unique and I got a big kick out of Tom and Jerry. : )
Name: Melissa
Location: Oklahoma
Country: United States
Time: 19:40:14 6/03/2001
Comments: I have a 9 year old son with ADHD and I want you to know how comforting your site and info was for us. Mikey is the dearest thing to my heart and it is so helpful to know that there are others with this same love, compassion, and understanding that I have. Thank you so much!
Name: Paul Barker
Location: Uttoxeter
Country: England
Time: 20:39:04 6/04/2001
Comments: I think your games are brilliant, especially Go Karts. Never before have I seen such bouncy haystacks!!! Brilliant!!!
Name: Angela C. Monkman
Country: United Kingdom
Time: 18:18:50 6/09/2001
Comments: Hi, I think your games are great, can you please let me know when you have any new ones?
Name: Lewie R. Joseph
Location: Hobart,Indiana 46342..50 miles from Chicago,Ill.
Country: United States
Time: 17:26:26 6/15/2001
Comments: Dear Grey:
This is a beautiful site I can't thank you enough for being so generious by making all of your products FREE!! I have 2 neices who would really love these programs for their kids..THANK YOU AGAIN FOR BEING SO KIND..I LOVE YOU AND IT! LEWIE
Name: Joann Muhammad
Location: ST Louis Missouri
Country: USA
Time: 00:57:47 6/17/2001
Comments: I want to thank you for the easy download so wonderful games. My twin boys don't have ADD/ADHD, they have autism and your games are just great. <blush> I have to admit that I play them often myself.
If you are looking for suggestions/ideas for some really simple programs to write, feel free to email me. I'm always looking for very simple things to help the boys with basic skils/concepts and can't find them.
May God continue to bless you for your kindness in giving out the software.
Name: Christy Felty
Location: Ky
Country: US
Time: 20:05:47 6/21/2001
Comments: love these games......thanks
Country: ENGLAND
Time: 23:17:44 6/24/2001
Name: Carol Shackleton
Country: England
Time: 15:07:50 6/30/2001
Comments: I was looking for an aquarium screensaver & came across one on your site, the SeaLife one, where the sharks bump into the PC screen!! Brilliant!! My kids love it! I must say that your software site is one of the best on the Net & I've already added it to my Favourites. It was interesting to read about your son who suffers from ADHD. I can well sympathise with you. My nephew, who is 7 years old, has autism and although, it is not linked to ADHD, he is extremely hyperactive and extremely difficult to look after. Your site just goes to prove that there are still people around who are willing to share what they know, without wanting payment in return. It's a generous gesture & very rare in this materialistic world we live in today. Keep up the good work!!
Name: Mark McKinney
Location: Sanford, NC
Country: United States
Time: 17:28:36 7/02/2001
Comments: I love this Web site! I enjoy searching for things, especially games and screen savers. I like the educational software too. Another thing I like is that everything is free and the downloads are nice and small. I am so glad I discovered this Web site. Keep up the good work!
Name: Rex
Country: Philippines
Time: 01:10:19 7/04/2001
Comments: Your screensavers are the best I had downloaded from the Net. Great presentation and animation! Thank you and have a great day always!
Name: Terri
Location: Johnstown Ohio
Country: usa
Time: 02:51:45 7/06/2001
Comments: Wow! I stumbled on this web sit by accident and am so glad I did. I have 2 children with ADHD and "thought" I had finally understood it. The published article "The view from in here" made me think again. Now I understand even better than ever. Thank you for the web site ... Believe me, I'll visit lots !!!
Name: Heather
Location: Kentucky
Country: USA
Time: 23:41:45 7/09/2001
Comments: By far this is the best site I have come across. I have had great luck with the downloads and would recomend this site to everyone!
Name: david budd
Location: Hobart
Country: Australia
Time: 11:37:23 7/11/2001
Comments: Excellent site had all the eductional and game programs my grand children will be able to use Keep up the standard and i look forward to visiting again THANKS
Name: Carrie
Location: Wyoming
Country: United States
Time: 13:45:00 7/14/2001
Comments: I think this is a great site. Please visit sponsors to keep this page up and running. Carrie
Name: jonathan
Location: Baldock
Country: UK
Time: 12:48:38 7/15/2001
Comments: These games are the greatest DOWNLOAD THEM NOW !!!!!...
Keep up the good work. How about a game of Tennis ???
Name: Sridharan
Location: Chennai
Country: India
Time: 13:09:10 7/20/2001
Comments: Hey!Superb Games!Especially GoKarts!Theyre great!
Congrats!Keep up the good work!
Also visit my web site!

Name: Mister Smith
Location: Louisiana
Country: USA
Time: 13:20:15 7/25/2001
Comments: Thank you for your marvelous service to parents everywhere.
Name: giovanna_the_mosher
Location: SCOTLAND@!!!!!
Country: erm the u.k
Time: 15:09:50 7/29/2001
Comments: ur website is great and i found it by mistake and i was on it 4 hours downloadin stuff without any problems thanks a lot!!!!!!
Name: chuck McDowell
Country: usa
Time: 15:21:56 8/01/2001
Comments: I think what you are doing to help special people will always be Blessed by God our FATHER. I really mean that. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,
Chuck McDowell

Name: Carrie
Country: USA
Time: 23:45:08 8/03/2001
Comments: You have the best screen-savers that I have seen. Keep up the great work.
Name: Bas Janssen
Location: tilburg
Country: netherlands
Time: 13:05:31 8/05/2001
Comments: thank you very much for the fun you brought my son Matt with your teletubbies music box.
Name: Matthias
Time: 16:40:31 8/07/2001
Comments: servus, thanks a lot for the funny software.
Name: Mcky
Location: ???
Country: Singapore
Time: 06:42:00 8/11/2001
Comments: Hi! I like all of your games! Even though,I am 18 years old,i frequently play your great games! Keep up the good work and hope they stay!
Name: julie cole
Location: reading,michigan
Country: usa
Time: 03:24:48 8/13/2001
Comments: i would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into this i have a lot of neices and nephews and a grand daughter and they just love playing the games and the educational programs and yes i like to play them as well. i just wanted to say thank you.
Name: Barb
Location: Ohio
Country: US
Time: 01:18:01 8/16/2001
Comments: Thank-you for the wonderful FREE games. I have a 7 yr old great nephew who visits every week and loves the games. Ofcourse I do too!!!!Thanks
Name: Alison
Location: North Devon
Country: England
Time: 21:19:08 8/20/2001
Comments: i would just like to say that your games are the best games i have ever come across. Easy to download, install and fun to play. Keep up the good work, and i hope to download more great games from you.

Name: ambientboy
Location: london
Country: uk
Time: 16:59:42 8/23/2001
I would just like too let u know that ur maths software is very good they basic maths adding takeing away and times table.... i have dyslexia and was looking for this type of software i have told others with dyslexia and they all say thye same i hope to get my collage to put it on there computers too help those with maths pobs .... thank u ...................ambientboy
Name: Lemuria
Location: Arizona
Country: USA
Time: 20:13:21 8/25/2001
Comments: Yours is one of the fastest-loading sites of it's kind - THANK YOU! :}
Name: melinda
Location: vermont
Country: usa
Time: 21:39:11 8/25/2001
Comments: I would like to thank you for this wonderful web site that you have created. We have a child who has a lot trouble with concetration and very active, we have noticed that she response well to the computer and it has helped with teaching her. I was thrilled to find your site with many kids oriented software games. Thank you. Paul and Melinda
Name: TURK
Location: İstanbul
Country: Turkey
Time: 18:35:35 8/29/2001
Comments: I'm a teacher and while surfing on the net to see what I could get for my pupils, I accidentally entered your site. First of all,I would like to point that what have you done so far for Richard and any others all around the world deserves a huge appreciation. Secondly, I hope you keep this stuff going. A smile on a child's face is the sun warming the hearts.
Name: Greg
Location: Surrey
Country: Canada
Time: 06:09:30 8/30/2001
Comments: Just want to say thank you for all your efforts and hard work! These are incredibly wonderful programs and, having three small children, you can't imagine how much I appreciate your willingness to share them. Great going! Please keep them coming...I've no doubt that you have made a positive difference in a lot of children's lives!
Name: Norma
Location: tx
Country: usa
Time: 17:33:59 9/03/2001
Comments: Thank you SO much for these games. In the past ten years I have fostered approx. 35 children - I appreciate entertaining children's games that also teach. Your word search is especially helpful with spelling words! God bless you!
Name: Gaye
Location: Texas
Country: United States
Time: 03:56:30 9/04/2001
Comments: I want to thank you for all of your free games and educational products. I am starting to Home School and this will keep it from being boring for my daughter. Thanks a million!!!
Name: Patrick Kelly
Location: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Time: 10:14:02 9/07/2001
Comments: hi, i think that your games are cool!! keep up the excelent work!!!!!!!!
Name: Robert Street
Location: rincon georgia
Country: USA
Time: 01:10:14 9/08/2001
Comments: Thank You,Have a nice day.
Name: LR Laughton
Location: USA
Time: 08:46:32 9/11/2001
Comments: Thank you for providing a site with so many resources. Best wishes.
Name: Sun Dude
Location: fill
Country: fill
Time: 05:17:14 9/16/2001
Comments: Great site here with some great games. Tom & Jerry is my favourite.
Name: Stephen Lourey
Location: Blue Mountains
Country: Australia
Time: 03:20:11 9/18/2001
Comments: Does anyone know how to "cheat" on the Sylvester & Tweety game. My 7-year-old daughter absolutely loves it, but is getting very frustrated that she cannot get beyond level 6 on the game. What great games. Congratulations.
Name: carla
Country: u.s.a
Time: 07:44:16 9/24/2001
Comments: what a wonderful site!
I have a son with adhd and your games are great for him, although I must say the games and screensavers keep me and my other two children as fully entertained.
Name: Barbara
Location: Matteson, IL
Country: USA
Time: 17:59:06 9/24/2001
Comments: I have so many of your games and really enjoy them. Today when I checked back, I found something new. I teach Computer Fundamentals to Seniors and I can't thank you enough for Go Mouse and Go Tidy. They are the greatest!!! Up until now I only had Solitaire. My next class doesn't start until 3 wks. from now but I know they are going to enjoy this. Thanks Again!!!
Name: Ruth Taylor
Location: Leicester England
Country: UK
Time: 21:01:14 9/25/2001
Comments: May Grey Olltwits rule forever!
We all love your site. Please dont stop!
Best Wishes
The Taylor Clan
Name: B.J.
Location: Tennessee
Country: U.S.
Time: 12:54:11 9/30/2001
Comments: Your website is wonderful and I appreciate good taste since there is not alot of that on the internet, and believe me I am going to send it to as many people I know. Sincerely Grateful,
Name: lynn avison
Location: co\durham
Country: england
Time: 13:00:59 9/30/2001
Comments: What an excellent site plenty to explore and download.
Name: margaret court
Location: bristol
Country: england
Time: 19:07:16 9/30/2001
Comments: I think your site is great. I have downloaded lot's of your games. My grandchildren love them all. They have them on there computer as well. Thank you . Regards Margaret
Name: A.S.Ranjan
Location: Trowbridge
Country: UK
Time: 21:31:54 10/02/2001
Comments: I am completely in love with your site. More than me, my son Tapan who will be 5 in Dec has been playing and enjoying most of your software for the past 1 year since we discovered it (he loves bowling the best). I like the Strongest Link best, is there an option to download/add more questions ? Thanks for keeping up this site and I am sure the next generation will surely growing up with this as we grew up readin Enid Blyton.

Name: Jackie V
Location: Benalla
Country: Australia
Time: 07:35:22 10/07/2001
Comments: We love your games in our house. Thank you.
Name: Lynn
Location: Georgia
Country: USA
Time: 22:05:42 10/08/2001
Comments: I use your educational programs to help my son who has ADD. He has come a long way since we started,it has helped him to feel better about succeding in his work as well as reading at school.Thank you so much and keep up the GREAT work..
Name: Robert Blake
Location: surrey
Country: United Kingdom
Time: 14:37:59 10/10/2001
Comments: Thank you SO much for such wonderful programmes. They are just what I need for my Reception and Year 1 classes (ages 4 to 6). And, of course, for the staff!!
Name: David Newell
Time: 19:50:27 10/13/2001
Comments: Brilliant! Sheer class your games are!
I'd recommend them to any disability sufferer.
Name: Sandy
Country: USA
Time: 23:14:26 10/15/2001
Comments: These are wonderful games and programs, thankyou for sharing them.
Name: Tom Cooper
Location: Divernon, Illinois
Country: USA
Time: 14:08:05 10/16/2001
Comments: I've downloaded several games and find them among the best. My grandchildren love to play them (adults too) They are great learning tools.
Thank you
Name: Den Wolfe
Location: South West wales
Country: UK
Time: 14:40:17 10/21/2001
Comments: I have downloaded quite a few of your games and of course your marvellous s/s,and I have yet to find one that isn't up To my expectations. I thank you, not only myself but also my grandchildren, who love your work. Den Wolfe.
Name: toni-ann Brotherson
Location: Waitotara
Country: New Zealand
Time: 20:49:05 10/22/2001
Comments: Thank you for the games, and thank you for making them free so that we all can enjoy them. I (an adult) have sent this site to many of my friends who have also enjoyed them and who now have competitions with there kids to see who can get the top score! Keep up the good work.
Name: Cherryl Johnson
Location: Kentucky
Country: USA
Time: 05:05:49 10/24/2001
Comments: I really want to thank you for the games you have put out. My 3 and 4 year old grandson's love them. About the time they get tired of one game you come out with another. I have played many of them myself and truly enjoy them. Thank you so very much for good, clean (and free) family entertainment. God bless you and your family and please keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next one.
Name: Doris
Location: Newport,Ky
Country: USA
Time: 15:17:10 10/25/2001
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that I just love your Sylvester & Tweety Game and screensaver. Keep up the good work.
Name: Mandy
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia
Time: 06:28:45 10/28/2001
Comments: I love your site, its one of the best I have seen. I downloaded your marble buster and it is one great game, it is so addictive.... Keep up the good work. Mandy :)
Name: ckhm
Location: Hampshire
Country: England
Time: 21:15:07 10/27/2001
Comments: Great easy to use site,easy to download games,not tons of adverts & sub-sites. Fun & simple to play. thanx
Name: Bill Herring
Location: Georgia
Country: USA
Time: 13:15:17 10/28/2001
Comments: It is great to see games that are not
all about violence. I commend you. I appreciate what you have done, and what you are doing.
Name: Lynne Gordon
Location: Bridge of Weir
Country: Scotland
Time: 22:50:39 10/28/2001
Comments: Thank you so much for a wonderful site. My son Jamie was diagnosed at age 5 with ADHD and it can be hard going - he is now 13 and loves your site as much as I do! I have the Blue Dolphins screen saver which Jamie thinks is cool. Keep up the good work - how is your son doing? I hope everything is well with you - you are doing so much for other people. Well done!
Name: Harmony
Location: California
Country: USA
Time: 02:24:46 10/29/2001
Comments: Thank you for all the wonderful games! They are well made and perfect for the kids.
Name: B.G
Location: sasd
Country: sasd
Time: 09:25:41 11/02/2001
Comments: your games are very good, fun and interesting, my son loves them so much he spends hours on your games!
Name: Brad C.
Location: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Time: 23:16:41 11/04/2001
Comments: Thanks a lot for the great page w/ all those excellent games. I work w/ kids in a school system, and they love having new games to play on my computer!
Name: pamela thompson
Location: louisiana
Country: u.s.a.
Time: 07:15:20 11/06/2001
Comments: ggggreat site......
Name: David Mabry
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Country: U.S.A
Time: 21:33:39 11/07/2001
Comments: Thank You! I had ADD when I was younger, now I'm 34 yrs. old and have learned to harness my energy and focus my thoughts. Now I homeschool my four kids. I am sure you are reaping the rewards with your son. Hardship is often a blessing in disguise, the time spent with your kids is invaluable. People from all over the world now benefit from your dedication to your family. Thanks again
Name: manoj kumar
Location: Dubai
Country: UAE
Time: 14:46:46 11/08/2001
Comments: Just great. Cannot find words to describe it.
Name: Malca
Location: Miami
Country: USA
Time: 02:23:37 11/09/2001
Comments: I am a computer teacher of children from kindergarten to 6th grade, and Finding you in the Internet, has been a blessing for my class, and an enjoyment for the students. I thank you for what you do and are doing. It's good that I found your site!! Muchas gracias.
Name: Rami
Location: Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Time: 21:20:52 11/09/2001
Comments: I work with ADHD children in a special education school. My students enjoy very much your software specially: Mini Golf, Pairs and Marble Buster.
Please continue your wonderful work!
Name: Sally-ann Morgan
Location: Plymouth
Country: UK
Time: 16:46:09 11/10/2001
Comments: This is one of the best site i have been on very exciting
Name: Fiona
Location: Gillingham
Country: England
Time: 11:32:30 11/12/2001
Comments: I have two sons, Alan 14yrs who has an Attention Deficit Disorder, & Shawn 9yrs who has an Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I have just down loaded the story, Hunter Of The Past, it bought tears to my eyes. It is so typical of how both of my boys feel. I know they will both love it. I think it may help them to express how they feel to others (and to themselves). Also I think they will appreciate that they are not alone, there are others who understand how they feel, & also others who have to deal with the same difficulties they face. Im sure they will also enjoy some of the games on your site, which I'm going to download aswell. I am really impressed. Fantastic.
Thank you so much.
Name: Elsie and Ronald Fisher
Location: Lewistown Pa
Country: USA
Time: 23:14:51 11/17/2001
Comments: Hi!I would like to say thank you for the site of the learning games. I was one of the kid's growing up with the same thing as your boy.The age I am now I some times still see things backwards. Your games even help me. We have two grandkids. I think it will help them also. I have a friend that told us about the another site. We downloaded snakes and ladders we have a good time playing that game. My husband found your game website. Thank you very much and keep up the good work and best of luck and God Bless you. The Fishers
Name: inimai
Location: chennai
Country: india
Time: 02:56:13 11/24/2001
Comments: This is one of the BEST sites that I have come across in terms of educational value + fun + available options. Keep the good work up.
Name: Sam
Location: North Carolina
Country: USA
Time: 15:51:57 12/03/2001
Comments: Thank you for Marble Buster. My 5 year old and my husband greatly enjoy it. Please keep up the good work!
Name: Prashant
Location: new delhi
Country: India
Time: 05:26:19 12/09/2001
Comments: Thank you Mr.Grey Ollwitt. I am a novice as far as computers are concerned and I, along with my 7-year old son(who is teaching me all about computers!)enjoyed your site. I must rate this site as one of the best I have come across. You are one of the few believers in the true spread of knowledge and therefore putting the world wide web to good use. Thanks again and wish you all the best.
Name: Bill Herring
Location: Adairsville Ga.
Country: USA
Time: 16:07:57 12/15/2001
Comments: I have downloaded several of your games. I enjoy them all, but Marble Solitaire is my favorite.Someday i may even solve it.I really enjoy your site, and also commend you on your work for ADD. I think you have the best site on the Web.
Bill Herring
Name: helen
Location: London
Country: U.K.
Time: 17:48:48 12/15/2001
Comments: I think your site is the best on the net, my 3 year old daughter loves the winnie the pooh games and s/s, not a lot of things are free in this world keep up the good work.
Name: Michael Dalton
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Country: United Kingdom
Time: 10:24:29 12/16/2001
Comments: A great service, which I found by luck. however I use it every day and I find it invaluable. I admire Mr Templer's public spirited attitude and he is to be thanked for his selflessness.
Name: Fernando D. Orr
Location: Detroit, MI
Country: United States
Time: 16:09:09 12/19/2001 Comments: Love this site, and I pray that the mercy and spirit of GOD will heal your son and that he will continue to give you his wisdom on what to do next. also do you have any pinball games
Name: Tony Orr
Location: Michigan
Country: U.S.A.
Time: 05:33:33 12/26/2001
Comments: I love the games you have on your site. There easy to download and most of all there FREE. Keep up the good work
Location: salford
Time: 02:55:28 12/27/2001
Name: Kyata Kuni
Location: ...
Country: ...
Time: 20:57:22 12/31/2001
Comments: Woooo... Keep on making the GAMES please, not the educational ones, lol. Seriously though, please keep on plugging away on the features. Thanx.
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